As I was setting up a new site this week I noticed that Constant Contact have a free integration with Shopify . I have long been a Constant Contact customer, maybe just because it's what I have always used it just seem much easier to me than Mail Chimp. 

However with using Shopify,  the lack of a decent integration has always been a challenge. Many themes integrate with Mail Chimp but not Constant Contact. There have always been apps available but they have not been free and frankly some of them have not been great. It's early days after installing this new integration but it feels like a game changer. 

Why such a big deal? First it automatically creates and syncs several lists in Constant Contact, list include:

  • All Shopify contacts with an email address
  • Best Customers: Purchase totals that are more than average
  • Recent Customers: Purchased within 30 days
  • First-time Customers: Purchased once
  • Repeat Customers: Made more than one purchase
  • Lapsed Customers: Have not made a purchase in more than 120 days
  • Prospects: Have not made a purchase yet

It will install an app in your admin that you can use as a link to your Constant Contact App. 

Combine this with the automation in Constant Contact and you can send a series of drip emails appropriate to each segment and you can target your normal email marketing to specific segments.  

So how do you set all this up? First you need a Constant Contactaccount. You can get a free trial on line. Once in your CC account simply go to Integrations and select Shopify. The rest is all automated. 

Thank you Constant Contact for getting this done. 


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