Why you need a Drop Shipping System for your Wholesale Business?

Drop Shipping Systems Explained

We have a simple low cost solution for wholesalers that makes drop shipping a scale-able, low cost, low frustration sales channel.  Using Shopify as a drop ship interface and inventory management system, clients can upload products via a csv file, sync inventory daily and place orders that sync with your shipping system. We can even fully brand the packing slips for your drop ship clients brands. Some clients go further and sync directly with order management software. We will be happy to tell you how to do all this for free. Why free? You may want us to build the site out for you, for that we charge $2000, but more importantly we want to partner with you to develop your clients websites. We can only do that if your systems work. 

How do I find out More?

To get a free consultation and step by step instruction on how to build out a drop shipping system using Shopify, reach out to Kevin via the Contact Us form.  We will be happy to spend some time showing you how to adapt Shopify and discuss how we can partner with you to build out your clients sites.  If you need it we can even build the system for you.

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