As a Shopify store setup and design specialist, we pretty much insist that our clients use an Out Of The Sandbox Theme. Here's why!

A few weeks back we did our first upgrade on a Turbo Theme, the site had a ton of coding changes, which frankly made me cringe at the thought of upgrading. Typically when you get an updated theme file you replace the old one reinstall all the apps and yes recreate all the custom code work you have done.  It can be a nightmare. 

The new Out of The Sandbox Theme Updater App, just made it very simple. Yes I still had to transfer some code, but the updater did a compare between the old and new code and highlighted all our edits for transfer, and it automatically transferred most edits for me. That alone makes the slightly higher cost of these Shopify themes well worth the price. 

In addition to the updating the fact is that these themes are very good, super fast and very flexible. Flex as the name suggests is designed with flexibility in mind. With a dozen presets and granular options, many with direct css control, we can achieve almost any look and feel with one theme. In the bad old days you picked a theme from the theme store and got to work on it. When you discovered its flaws and changed your mind you were down $200. With Flex you can simply switch the preset of modify the 100's of options available to get pretty much any theme look you need. 

Also Out Of The Sandbox offer a money back guarantee on both these themes, so you have 14 days to figure out how great the theme is. 

What is not yet in FLEX that is in Turbo is the sub collection page template and the TAG Filters for collection sidebars. I use these features a lot and I suspect its just a matter of time before FLEX is updated to include them.  For this reason I am still recommending Turbo to clients with large catalogs, such as drop shippers. 

I know my clients will balk at $450 for Flex, they already do at the $250 for Turbo, but I am convinced it will be worth it, especially when they include all the features of Turbo. Plus you can usually find a coupon for 15% or 20% OFF. Try these CHI20,  FLEX20 or THX20. 

We are excited to get to work on the new Flex theme so if you need a Shopify store setup or remade, give us a shout. Please do not rush out and by Flex if you are on Turbo, Turbo is still a great theme that in some respects we think is better than Flex for many clients.

Disclaimer: We are an Out Of The Sandbox affiliate partner, however we signed up for this because we love the themes, we only promote things that we would promote without payment. 



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