Constant Contact Email Marketing

Why use Constant Contact with Shopify?

First it automatically creates and syncs several lists in Constant Contact, list include:

  • All Shopify contacts with an email address
  • Best Customers: Purchase totals that are more than average
  • Recent Customers: Purchased within 30 days
  • First-time Customers: Purchased once
  • Repeat Customers: Made more than one purchase
  • Lapsed Customers: Have not made a purchase in more than 120 days
  • Prospects: Have not made a purchase yet

It will install an app in your admin that you can use as a link to your Constant Contact App. 

Combine this with the automation in Constant Contact and you can send a series of drip emails appropriate to each segment and you can target your normal email marketing to specific segments.  

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Constant Contact Email Marketing

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