I don't know anyone in the eCommerce business who wants to pay for advertising or who doesn't worry about their Google ranking. But what can you do ? We actually quite a lot. In this blog we thought we would let you in a few of things we re doing to establish Germinate in the search engines. 

It's important to know that Germinate.com is a new site born from work I was doing within another company, so while we have years of experience to Google Germinate is brand new. Fact of life 1 - Google is going to penalize us for at least 6 months, we are new site with no track record and not much data for Google to analyse, so for us its not about today's ranking, its about six months or a year from now. 

I recently took a great course on Skillshare by Rand Fishkin - EO Today: Strategies to Earn Trust, Rank High, and Stand Out, I would strongly recommend it. But if you don't have time let me summarize, its all about great content! Essentially Google is assessing your site and each page based on who is visiting it, what else they are visiting, how long they are staying or not staying, who is linking in to you. All the old shortcuts such as keywords are pretty much useless these days its all about content and how real world search users are interacting with your page. 

In our case we are very interested in getting people to our website who are considering setting up an eCommerce website. Okay so we know in 2018, pushy sales pitches will neither make sales or convince google to give us great ranking, so what content can we offer our potential customer.  Well one question everyone thinking about eCommerce spends months on is product selection and vendor discovery, especially finding drop shippers, so we decided to build some resources to help people considering eCommerce research suppliers, both drop ship and traditional wholesale. 

The other big plus to this is that these established wholesale companies get something of value, free marketing. Maybe if asked they will offer a us a reciprocal link. Inbound links are important to Google but they have to be good quality and they must be related to what you do. There is no value in just looking for random links through exchanges etc, but some well placed links on established companies supplying eCommerce stores, huge value to us. 

So yes this week we launched our Drop Shipping Directory, our Wholesale Supplier Directory and a Resource Directory, all great resources for potential clients to use for research. It will be a slow process adding great quality companies to the lists but should deliver great SEO results. 

What we hope is that, our target audience spends time on our website as well on the websites of the wholesale and drops shippers we feature, demonstrating to Google that the content has true value to the search user. Plus if we are very lucky we will get some great links back from established sites who's content our target audience is also interested in, demonstrating to Google that our site has value within the eco system we wish to be associated with. 

Hey as a bonus - lets post this on social media and share it as widely as possible :)

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