Updating a theme in Shopify is not as simple as could be. Well it would be if it were not for all those apps that change your code and the liquid updates you or your web guy or gal may have done. If your code is clean its as easy as making a copy and then uploading a new version. 

If you got your theme from the theme store you should be able to download a free copy of your theme fully updated, if you either transferred it from another store or purchased elsewhere - well good luck with getting an update. For the purpose of this blog lets assume that you can get a free update of your theme, but why bother?

New Features

Its quite likely that your theme has been updated and now does more without editing the code. This is especially true with themes from the Shopify Theme store such as Out of The Sandbox Themes which make huge strides forward both in look and functionality every year. At Germinate we are huge fans of the folks at Out of The Sandbox and will un-ashamedly encourage all our clients to pick one of their themes. These new features will often replace apps and save you hundreds of dollars a year. 

I recently audited a couple of sites and found that unnecessary apps were adding up to at least $50 a month. That alone will cover the cost of update of your theme in a year, a typical theme update process, creating essentially the same site design would fit in our basic package. 

Here are just a few of the features of the current Out of The Sandbox Themes that are worth every penny:

  • Sticky Header
  • Mega Menus 
  • Quick Shop
  • Predictive Search
  • Announcement Bar
  • Filter Tags
  • Many more

January is a great time to do an update, modernize your store and get rid of all those unnecessary and expensive apps. If you need help please reach out.


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